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Materials science plays the key role in tackling the big challenges of modern society. Energy generation, transportation and even medical devices rely on new materials with outstanding properties to be discovered. In order to meet this demand, scientists need access to advanced techniqes and instruments helping them to understand material behavior even at the atomic scale. Techniques such as electron microscopy or x-ray scattering are very powerful, but buying and maintaining the corresponding instruments can be very expensive. Additionally without the proper experience, making accurate measurements with these techniques is challenging. In order to overcome this challenge scientists need to collaborate and share their expertise and facilities. The Center for Nanoanalysis and Electron Microscopy aims to be a platform enabling this exchange, focussing the efforts of the scientific community. The FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg recognizes the importance of this endeavor and broadly supports CENEM. Additionally CENEM is also a core element of the cluster of excellence "Engineering of Advanced Materials".

CENEM hosts a large variety of instruments in the fields of electron microscopy, scattering methods and scanning probes that can be easily accessed by researchers through becoming users. Through workshops such as the TEM school or the x-ray summer school knowledge is transferred and exchanged.

Key Philosophy of CENEM: "Only through collaboration can science meet the demands of the future!"

Brief history of CENEM